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Occasionally our engineers face issues during rapid prototyping because the drawing is not suitable for rapid prototyping. Many designers assume that their prototype have perfect design, It’s very difficult to rapid prototype and in some cases impossible to be moulded when mass quantities are needed. Because there are many difference between design and actual production. 

For instance, designing organic curved surfaces in 3D software sometimes is unrealistic to be processed in real life production, if the designer doesn't consider the process of actual production. So we need provide solutions with our years of experience for clients in order to avoid potential problems that might arise during production of prototype parts

We aim to do our best to serve our clients to reduce their production cost and save time. When some design issues happen, we will communicate and discuss with client in time, take the best one of solutions after confirmed by client. We respect for every client of thinking and idea. We are responsible for each client of design and work.

As a professional manufacturer of rapid prototyping service, we can provide best solutions for CNC machining, Plastic prototype, Vacuum casting, Mass manufacturing, CNC prototype, inquiry more details or more service :