Vacuum Casting │ Rapid prototyping service

In the prototype model making industries often create silicone mould to make small quantities of copy, because low-cost for silicone mold, the production cycle is short. With a very good competitive advantage, so in a lot of industrial products development, Firstly, make the silicone mould before creating steel mould to meet the needs of product design and testing structure for market development. Material used: PU plastic, rubber, transparent material applications are quite broad. The first step, need to make a pattern with SLA prototype or CNC machining based on the prototype part of shape and material. After mould completed, Part of color can be mixed according to the customer's needs color, for rubber you can also request for difference hardness, thus making the product processing is completed successfully assembled and functional testing. And also overmoulding part is able to be completed through vacuum casting way.